EFCO's Basic Services

Survey of all work sites to verify the nature of the land and existing services, through both hardware geophysical or mechanical drilling.
Excavation of all types of soil and to all depths and back filling,leveling and compacting lands and drying and dewatering both surface and groundwater.
Replacement and fixation of soil and support of excavation sides and securing existing services or move them.
Implementation of concrete loading pegs ( Piles )
Implementation of all types of concrete buildings and for all uses and heights.
Implementation of precast buildings and industrial and steel buildings.
Implementation of water,sanitation, storm networks and water reservoirs and irrigation and drainage projects.
Implementation of abrasion and reform and asphalting of roads,as well as the implementation of sidewalks and affiliate services.
Digging artesian wells in all layers of rock and to all depths.
Review of projects in terms of cost and implementation time and the work of ad valorem study of the projects and provide economic alternatives.
Review structural designs for all types of steel and concrete structures.

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